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This page is incomplete. It's meant to complement the CONTRIBUTING.md on the repositories and the Code of Conduct on the website, presenting specific policies and rules relating to interaction with the team or contributing on the repositories. For now it states an important policy when contributing image content to the project and edit limits on the Matrix channel. This page will gradually be incremented as issues arrives or contributors and the governance team seems necessary. If you have suggestions for improvement, have questions or want to discuss these policies, you can reach us on our Matrix channel.

Art, mockups, etc.

No hotlinks

Hotlinking of images from external websites into our repositories is not allowed. Any Pull Requests must contain original content and be properly licensed, preferably under the same license of the repository you're contributing to. In doubt ask us on our Matrix channel.

Matrix Channel

Edit limit

If you make typos or need to fix a wrong statement in a message sent on our Matrix channel, limit the edits to the maximum of 3 but please aim for a single edit to keep things clean. That is because some Matrix clients doesn't support persistent edits, meaning every time you edit, you created a new, repeated message of your previous one, with the addition of the edit you just did. In case you want to avoid seeing this behaviour, clients like Riot and their apps Riot (Desktop), RiotX (Android), Riot.im (iOS) doesn't have these issues and are Open Source, but keep in mind that even if you don't see this behaviour on these clients the behaviour still exists, so please adhere to this policy no matter the client you use.