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About Bobby Moss

I'm a member of the Glimpse governance team, and started the code side of this project.

I mostly work on the fork of GNU Image Manipulation Program. Speak to Luna (Clipsey) if you want to be involved with the UI rewrite.

Development Priorities

To ensure people understand my rationale behind decision making as a member of the project's governance team, I have laid out the current development priorities of Glimpse Image Editor as I understand them. These are defined specifically for the 0.x and 1.x releases that will be forks of the GNU Image Manipulation Program.

Our End Users

We should be targeting the following people with every new release:

  • Home users that currently "pirate" commercial image editing software on Windows or macOS
  • School IT administrators and academic staff deploying free software in classrooms and computer labs
  • Company IT administrators deploying free software across their organisation
  • Disaffected users of the GNU Image Manipulation Program

We do not aim to replace or supplant the GNU Image Manipulation Program. While we continue to fork their software we will be an alternative option with fewer upstream features but a better user experience that appeals to people not currently using Linux or free software. We can also differentiate what our fork offers through UI changes and our choice of plug-ins.

I recommend that project contributors do not waste their time and energy "debating" Linux enthusiasts that think our project is unnecessary or irrelevant, because they are not our target user base. They are better off continuing to use the GNU Image Manipulation Program, and we should not feel bad about telling them that.

Primary Objectives

  • Fix the software's problematic name
  • Replace the Wilber mascot with a professional logo
  • Update the software's translations so the new name is used throughout the user interface

Secondary Objectives

  • Clean up the user interface so it looks more visually attractive and professional
  • Keep applying our changes to each new stable upstream release
  • Preserve compatibility with existing plug-ins, themes and third-party components

Tertiary Objectives

  • Improve the overall end user experience for Windows and macOS users
  • Provide our own end user documentation
  • Fix usability problems in the existing user interface
  • Address longstanding code and documentation problems that upstream have been unable or unwilling to address
  • Ensure upstream contributions are still appropriately acknowledged in the user interface
  • Include useful plug-ins that are hard to find or install by default